All Change!

There have been some BIG changes at Norfolk Food & Drink recently and we are hugely proud of our new website and our new-look newsletter.

It was first discussed in February last year that we would like a refreshing new website which was more user friendly and perhaps a little more contemporary. So when we met the very lovely Daska and Matt at ChapelRoad Creative it felt as if all our Christmasses had come at once! Explaining what we needed and the barrier (cost!) that was preventing us from achieving this, Daska solved our problem in five simple words - "We'll do it for you!". Incredible but true!

What followed was a year of hard work, with content, design and planning meetings to ensure we captured the vastness of what Norfolk Food & Drink is and does, to create an attractive and engaging user-friendly website. And throughout the process the team from ChapelRoad creative were endlessly patient, supportive, kind and enthusiastic. We could not have asked for more and our sincere and heartfelt thanks to them.

But the story does not end there....

In a true moment when the stars seed somehow aligned we got a call from 101, the people behind e-mail marketing service, Smart Messenger. Now you may have seen this company - either on our marketing materials or on our stand at one of our events - they have been a critical part of what we do for three years now.

Many of you tell us you look forward to our monthly newsletter, which is packed full of all the latest news from Norfolk Food & Drink and 101 make this happen! The company specialises in cost effective e-mail marketing solutions and has generously supported us for all this time. However, with our branding and now our website having received a make-over, we felt it might be time to turn our attention to the newsletter.

What good fortune then to receive a call from Holly and her amazing team at 101 telling us they have introduced a fabulous new system which will be far more user friendly BUT requires an overhaul of our newsletter template!! Luck has definitely been on our side!!

So you will see, we now have an amazing new website and the kind of interactive, contemporary newsletter we had previously only dreamed of!

A huge enormous heartfelt THANK YOU therefore to ChapelRoad Creative and 101 Smart Messenger for your amazing support. It is only thanks to the generosity of wonderful Companies such as yourselves that we are able to do the work we do for the food and drink community here in Norfolk.