Branding with more BITE!

Earlier this month, our design partners, Creative Sponge, hosted an exclusive branding workshop for members at Last Pub Standing on King Street in Norwich.

Alex Tosh (MD) and Andy Griib (brand strategist) delivered an insightful and engaging presentation which looked at all elements of branding – and encouraged those members present to look at their brand from a new perspective.

Attendees were asked to distill down why they are in business. To think seriously about how people change as a result of their business. And all agreed that when there was no difference between brands, that’s when price becomes relevant; not somewhere any of us want to be!

The highly enjoyable evening ended with Andy’s Top Five Marketing Pitfalls, with members encouraged to work in groups to consider how to overcome one of the identified horrors…

The feedback from attendees has been really positive and agency owner Alex is keen to offer ‘bite sized’ branding/marketing support sessions to members. They are in the throes of putting together a package for members, which we will communicate shortly.

Meantime, they recommend the Simon Sinek TED talk on the Design Council Report (The value of design to the UK economy) - link below.

Simon Sinek TED Talk

For those of you who were unable to attend, we are also happy to share the link from Tuesday's presentation here.

Creative Sponge Branding Seminar Link

We hope, as members, that you will find these kind of events useful and we welcome feedback and suggestions as to what other information and support it would be useful for us to provide our Proudly members.