Charity Cupcakes Lead to Kitchen Chaos for Chris!

Tuesday afternoons tend to be fairly quiet in the Library Kitchen with most of the morning prep finished and after Lunch most of the team go for a well-earned break until evening service. This was one occasion that was definitely the exception to the rule...

On Tuesday 10th April, The Library Restaurant on Guildhall Hill had the pleasure of a suited and booted Mr Chris Bailey a keen supporter and volunteer for Keeping abreast (some of you may recognise his face from Mustard TV), joining their kitchen team.

The occasion was the preparation of some very special cupcakes to fundraise for local charity, Keeping Abreast, as part of the national Booby Cupcake appeal.

After the initial covering of every surface with flour (including his face!) Chris found piping the cupcake mix requires techniques he may need to practice! However, he did an admirable job creating some fabulous cupcakes, albeit in slightly unconventional shapes - square, rectangle and cuboid - which he assured us will taste wonderful.

Chris, whose day job is Property Sales for Auction House, sold the decorated cupcakes as part of an auction to raise much-needed funds for Keeping Abreast. Lots included a Mulberry handbag and a weekend Break at Dunston Hall, raising £340, which was match funded by East Anglian Auction House. This was added to the sale of cupcakes of £237.22, making a grand total of £917.22.

Chris commented "It has been an interesting and rather warm afternoon but I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Nigel. I have also learnt a great deal, for example, I had no idea how far flour can reach and where it can go!"