Christmas Really is a Time to Celebrate For One Proudly Member!

One Proudly member is celebrating this Christmas as one of her products is named in the top 15 in the national press. Kate Lyons, founder of pudd’Eng, was recognised in the Independent’s list of 15 best Christmas puddings.

The article aimed to bring to readers’ attention 15 of the best Christmas puddings in the country. So the judges sampled over thirty five different puddings, from big supermarket brands to independent producers.

They said they had strict criteria for judging and were looking for a classic Christmas pudding which is rich and indulgent and has “the right balance of juicy fruit, warming booze and an appealing mix of sweetness and spice.” They said that whilst innovations, such as liquid centres and decorations including gold leaf were considered, they needed to work well along the classic Christmas pudding profile. To top it all they were also looking for value for money.

Amongst those listed were Morrisons, Sainsburys Taste the Difference, Heston at Waitrose and the Selfridges Selection Traditional Christmas Pudding, so pudd’Eng was in illustrious company. Judges described their pudding as “Exceptionally moist – you might even say gooey – this melt-in-the-mouth pudding is absolutely soaked in both stout and brandy. But that’s not to say it’s overly boozy. There a lovely sourness, and candied fruit notes throughout, that help it avoid being stodgy. Overall, it’s both luxurious and fruity, and might even please those who usually resist and claim not to even like Christmas pudding.”

Kate Lyons, owner and founder of pudd’Eng said “'I am thrilled that my Christmas pudding, not only has a Great Taste Award but is now recognised in a national newspaper as one of the very best! I am also very proud to contribute to the wonderful artisan food of Norfolk!”