Fit for a Queen (or a King)! The launch of BOADICEA® GIN

Riding the crest of the recent heat wave, the extraordinary popularity of gin continues apace. And now there’s a newbie in town, vying for our affection – and with a name like ‘Boadicea’, I’m not sure we dare turn down this offer!

Named after the ancient East Anglian Warrior Queen who led her Iceni tribe in uprising against Roman rule in the first century, Boadicea Gin is distilled from Royal Norfolk barley and blended with appropriately ancient botanicals for a unique finish. And, as one might expect, the gin is lovingly hand crafted in East Anglia.

The creation of respected spirit distillers, husband and wife team Matt and Steph Brown, Boadicea shares the same close connections with our region as her stable mates Wild Knight Vodka and Nelson’s Gold, two successful premium spirit brands.

Boadicea Gin was officially launched at the Royal Norfolk Show, where visitors had the opportunity to sample and buy the gin, as well as to enjoy a ‘Boadicea Sapphire Martini cocktail’. Sapphire blue in colour, the cocktail complemented the gorgeous blue of the Boadicea bottle, derived from a tradition dating back to Iceni times where Britons would dye their bodies blue with woad!

If you fancy going for the ‘woad’ look this Summer, we’re not going to stop you; but for a more sophisticated take on Ancient Britain, why not visit

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