‘Moos’ from Old Hall Farm

Rebecca and Stuart are very new to the foodie scene in Norfolk, but admit that they are thoroughly enjoying the challenge! The business was started in 2017 following a family holiday to Scotland the year before – Stuart and Rebecca fell in love with Jersey cows on a friend’s farm, brought one home (as you do!) and the result changed the face of their family’s traditional farm forever.

They currently sell raw Jersey milk (from cows that keep their calves with them ‘at foot’), cream, butter, their own milk fed pork, and a variety of other truly local produce. The farm shop is being expanded and will comprise a butchery, delicatessen and café that is due to open before Easter next year.

One of the biggest challenges they have faced so far is trying to source environmentally friendly packaging. As a small business they have found that it’s hard to buy in serious bulk to attract the significant discounts - plastic and polystyrene are everywhere, and suppliers promote their less ‘friendly’ wares over and above that of truly recyclable (or even better, compostable,) alternatives. While, after much perseverance, they have managed to find a supplier of compostable trays for their milk fed pork, there is still the issue of what to use to wrap the meat on the trays. Once their own butchery is up and running, they will be offering brown waxed paper, or customers will be able to bring their own containers.

Like all of us at Norfolk Food and Drink, the team at Old Hall Farm is delighted that glass milk bottles have made a comeback and Rebecca reports that customers are, on the whole, quite good at returning them for us to re-wash and sterilise – and to get their deposit back of course! Other ways they reduce waste from the dairy include feeding excess skimmed milk to their pigs, which has the significant benefit of making the pork incredibly tender – so a total win-win!

To find out more about what Old Hall Farm are up to, you can follow them on social media at @OldHallFm or visit our website www.oldhallfarm.co.uk