Norwich Science Festival’s Food and Agriculture Day

Take a look at everyday science with Norwich Science Festival’s Food and Agriculture Day on Sunday 29 October (10am-4pm) at The Forum – find out what’s in your food and drink, and how science can help food production. Discover what goes in your food, join in the Pumpkin Rescue hosted by OnePlanet Norwich and enjoy free pumpkin soup. Get hands-on and messy with food – try chocolate welding, x-ray your food, guess the food from its smell and flavour, or experiment with potatoes! Find out about the science of brewing with Wild Craft Brewing, visit the NFU Discovery Barn, and more!

You can also discover the new science of eating in Gastrophysics (Sunday 29 October, 1.30pm, The Forum) and how all of our senses play a part in our experience of food, from the colour of our plates, to the weight of the cutlery, background music and much more.

Every day in the media, there are mixed messages on which foods are good for you, and which are bad - sometimes even the same food is both! In Nutrition: Science Vs Fiction (Sunday 29 October, 12pm, The Forum), Sophie Medlin, lecturer and dietitian, looks at the science behind these claims, and advocates for the promotion of safe and scientifically proven nutritional messages.

Or why not discover the science behind gin?! Plant scientist Susanne Masters looks back across history and around the world at Juniper & Gin (Sunday 29 October, 4.30pm, The Forum), how traditional knowledge connects to science, the properties of juniper in gin, and the diversity and abundance of juniper. Plus, you’ll get to taste a sample of local gin from Bullard’s!

And if all that isn't enough for you, we also have Tim Kinnaird of Macrons and More talking all about the science of macrons!!!

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