Porkstock 2018

We’re fairly certain you will have heard of the Porkstock festival. Thousands of people attended this free, family event at the Norfolk Showground in October; celebrating all that’s great about Norfolk food and drink. Together with some smaller events held during 2018 (including the Porkstock Pop-Up for Norfolk Day at House of Fraser), it’s raised a whopping £15,248.81 for local charity Nelson’s Journey.

In fact, over the past three years that Porkstock has been working with this fantastic charity, more than £50,000 has been raised to help them continue their work with children and families who are dealing with bereavement. For a festival that was originally launched by a group of friends who got together for a casual barbecue, we think that’s a truly incredible achievement!

For those of you who haven’t experienced Porkstock before, do check out their website http://www.porkstock.co.uk.

Photography by Colin Cook