Proudly Norfolk member organises Easter Sunday Pub Treasure Trail – in aid of It’s On The Ball!

If you are already thinking that you’ll need a break from the chocolate fest that is Easter, we have just the thing for you…

Proudly Norfolk member, The Norfolk Brewhouse, has organised a Pub Treasure Trail for Easter Sunday, with the aim of raising money for the brilliant Norwich-based testicular cancer charity, It’s On The Ball.

The challenge is simple: visit a number of great pubs and, in each, answer a photo riddle, solve a clue, and collect a mystery object; there are even bonus prizes along the route!

The event will conclude with a party, live band and presentations at The Rose, Queens Road, Norwich, from 5pm.

It’s £12 entry per team, of which £10 is donated directly to the charity, with £2 going towards the prize fund of £50.

Any charity that has a page on their website titled ‘Pants Wall of Fame’ gets our support! Check out to see some great photos of famous boxers and golfers with pants!

If you fancy taking part, you will need to register your team (maximum of 6 people per team) by contacting David, owner of The Norfolk Brewhouse. You can either call him on 01328 878495 or drop him an email at