Sausages for Sleep Out

On 15th November the 4th annual Norwich Sleep Out will take place.

Organised by The Benjamin Foundation, the event asks participants to sleep rough for just one night to raise awareness as well as money to support the work the charity does.

Chris Elliott, Marketing and Fundraising Manager for The Benjamin Foundation said:

“Whilst, of course, The Sleep Outdoes not replicate the real hardship faced by rough sleepers, it is a great way to build awareness of the issue of homelessness in our region, as well as raise much-needed funds to continue the work The Benjamin Foundation does in Norfolk and Suffolk.”

Over the 3 years, over 300 people have taken part in Sleep Out events organised by The Benjamin Foundation in both Norwich and Ipswich and someone who has supported all the Norfolk events is multi award winning local butcher Jamie Archer. Jamie first got involved in 2015 when a friend of his was taking part in the sleepover and asked if there was anything he would like to contribute to the evening. As Jamie explained:

“We thought it would be a good idea to donate a hotdog to every participant to help them survive the night with a full belly. So we have done that for the last three years and we are delighted to be able to help.”

This year will be no different as Jamie has pledged to once again arrive armed with enough hotdogs for everyone sleeping out.

Jamie said “I am passionate about supporting The Benjamin Foundation. It is such a worthwhile charity, as it brings awareness and raises money for people less fortunate than myself. I have never taken part simply because I work every Saturday and can't imagine turning up to work the next day with only possibly two hours sleep but it is lovely to arrive at the event which is always very well organised and see everyone taking part being so upbeat and positive.”

Chris Elliott said “We are so grateful to Jamie and his team from Archers for their amazing ongoing support of the Norwich Sleep Out. We want to give participants a chance to experience what it might be like to be homeless - with the extreme cold, noise and light pollution that rough sleepers have to contend with every night but equally we want to look after these people who are enduring a tough physical challenge to support the charity. So we are enormously grateful to Jamie for helping us to do that by giving them something warm and nourishing before they bed down for the night. This is particularly welcome as it’s around this time that the temperature really starts to drop and, especially for first-timers, the reality of what they are about to do kicks in.”

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