The RocketShip has taken off!

This small, artisan sauce producer based in Horstead near Norwich is the brainchild of Graham Heard. Proving that inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time, the idea for Rocketship came about during a car journey with a business colleague. While chatting about plans for the weekend, Graham’s friend mentioned that he’d been thinking about making some homemade chilli sauce.

This idea really appealed to Graham and he decided to give it a go himself and see how it turned out…with friends, family and even the postman loving Graham’s sauce, he began to think he could sell it. And the rest, as they say, is history…

By August Graham had refined his first recipe and created RocketShip Original, a fiery blend of red bell peppers and habanero chillies. We’re told it’s a bit different to other hot sauces in that it’s firmer in consistency, making it a more versatile sauce.

Sales have been steady since the launch and Graham has continued to receive great feedback about the taste and quality as well as the label design and RocketShip brand. His bold ambition is to bring a new fresh look and feel to the hot sauce market - just as the Craft Beer brewers have done to the beer market over the past few years.

Chilli aficionados among you will be pleased to learn that Graham is currently developing a ‘hotter’ version of RocketShip, which will be launched later this year.

And trivia enthusiasts will be interested to learn that the name ‘RocketShip’ came from a game that Graham has great fun playing with his granddaughter Amelia - ‘Rocketships’.